We are a family owned and operated business that
treats our trees, coffee beans, and customers like family

Our Company



 We are direct growers and producers, we manage the entire process
from seed, plant, tree, hand picking the beans, extraction of the seed
with our machines, fermenting, rinsing, drying with natural sunlight,
extraction of green coffee with our machines, professional roasting in
the laboratory with grinding or whole bean packaging, and last,
delivering straight to you.

Normally the process described above would go through at least five
separate hands/companies, before reaching the consumer.

Aside from buying old warehoused coffee with no aroma from re-sellers,
you never really know what you're buying since they are not involved
from A-Z like we are. 



 Our family's name and love are in each tree that produces top of the
line gourmet coffee. We value our integrity with honor.

By you purchasing directly from the source with no middle men, you are
ensured provenance and only the highest quality and freshness of your

We are conscious and respectful to nature and animals, therefore we
don't employ any use of pesticides or spray our trees.

There are no minors working for our company. We employ certified
employees who receive good wages with encentives. Happy workers, happy
trees, happy customers!

Our coffee is single origin 100% Colombian specialty coffee, meaning
that it is from one source solely, no mixing varieties or coffees from
other countries or other regions, and no adding artificial flavors.
Since it's single origin, it cannot be duplicated elsewhere, it has a
unique body, aroma, texture, scent, and taste available to you only from
our plantation. 

Supreme coffee for your buck


 Easy to order-

Ordering your coffee with us is easy and hassle free. After submitting
your payment, your coffee will make its way to your place in 7-10 days
straight from Colombia.

Fresh roasted coffee-

Unlike the bitter, cheap stuff lying around your workplace that gives
you gastritis, or that stale grocery store coffee that's accumalated
dust for weeks with no aroma whatsoever, we always roast our coffee once
you order, thus we guarantee its freshness just for you!

Supreme coffee for your buck

Since we sell directly to you online we can send you fresher,
higher-quality coffee for the same price you normally pay at the store.

Straight from the source

How sexy is it to have your specialty coffee shipped directly to your
home or business straight from the plantation in Colombia?